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Some of our frequently asked

Questions Regarding MARS

What is MARS?

MARS stands for Malaysian Association of Research Scientists is an organization that involve all Scientists and Technologists in Malaysia to organize, join, compete, create, collaborate any events, inventions, competitions and even share knowledge among them include public and community.

How to join MARS?

If anyone interested to join MARS organization, you only have to contact us and you’re welcome to join us.

Is there any fee to pay when join MARS?

No at all.

What kind of activities that MARS hold?

MARS mainly hold, organize or collaborate for any events and also join any competitions related to invention, innovation and technology purposes, besides handling forum, talk show, annual meeting and other matters that relatable to this organization.

Some of our frequently asked 

Questions Regarding Events

Do I have to pay my own fee if I want to join any competition?

Yes. Each competition has different fee with different requirements to fulfill. Our organization will manage your registration fully either join any competitions or even registering any events that relatable.

If I'm interested to organize or collaborate any events with MARS, how to do so?

Please contact us via email, call us or fill up the form upon any inquiries or discussion that you need with us.

Do I need an appointment to discuss any matter with you?

An appointment will be made as necessary from us depends on matters that need to be discussed more.

What MARS hope for?

MARS hope that the public, community are expose to the latest advancement in science and technology in Malaysia which matters in daily use of life.


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